Writing about myself is the hardest task for me; But let me try in this way: I have been walking on the path of technology for the last 12 years and what I learned is keeping updated yourself is the most important thing you will ever need for getting what you long for. I worked at many companies as Software Engineer, Software Developer, Chief Technology Officer, Director of IT, Data Scientist, Mobile Application Developer or even Digital Content Writer. So far, what gave me the most thrilling experience is the power of working inside my brain while sitting apathetically about my sorrounding. I solved most of my problems both career-related and personal, by doing straight and sharp thoughts. I am currently working as a Data Scientist and I believe I can devote in Data Science for the next 10 years and I will not be bored about it.


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Data Mining

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Hello , Don't be shy to send me messages; You can ask me anything and if I get time I will reply you. Please note that this message goes to my manager first and she forwards them to me. Don't worry, she is great. Just tell her I said hi :)

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