• Believes in Logics
  • Believes in Physics
  • Creates anything out of Nothing
  • Master of All Trades
  • Super Professional
  • Highly Sophisticated
  • SelfMotivated

About Towaha

A little insight.........

Hello, I am Syed Omar Faruk Towaha. I am self-motivated, fast learner and I know my limits. I don't quit any challenge, I just keep working until it is done. I have a major problem and that is, I can not stop till my project/work is completely done. I do not believe in luck what I believe is in self-motivation and self-belief. I do not dream only, I make them come true. I have done several projects of both Physics and computer related stuff. I love open source; I believe in open source; Besides, I am a super fast learner; Currently I have been working as the director of SwapnoBangla IT.

2015 : I am the president of one of the largest astronomical organizations in Bangladesh, CAM-SUST I along with some cool executive members spread astronomy throughout my city . I am a Mozilla representative. I arrange open source events as a Mozilla representative. I write books when I get my letups.

2016 : The new year started with lots of things. My latest book JavaScript Project for Kids was published from PacktPub which is available online [Amazon] , [PacktPub Site]. I have joined SwapnoBangla Group as a software engineer . I have become Regional Ambassador Lead of FSA in Asia.

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What I do

I am the jack of all trades but master of few things. You may trust me with the following things.

I Customize
I can customize your software, your desktop applications, and even any electronic device. I can swiftly understand the logics of code and the function of a circuit.
I am Portable
I am portable. I do not need any previous preparation to develop or customize a software for you. I am always ready to build one or customize one for you.
I Generation iDea
I generate ideas. I make algorithms to solve any problems. I find the easiest solution to any problem or any complex situation.
I Code For Fun
I do not code for only getting paid, I do it for fun too. I never write a block of code if I am bored or irritated.
I Author
I author tech books. I write them when I see if any language/topic is too hard for anyone. I make them easy to learn is if I am speaking to him/her through my write-ups.
Public Speaking
I am a tech speaker. I inspire people to get involved into the awesome world of programming. I never bore people :)
I Volunteer
I volunteer where I see mass people are getting educated or they can be benefitted to overcome an obstacle.
I am Professional
I never compromise with time, money and devotion to work. I do things whatever needed. I do not care what people say if I am right.

My Recent Work

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Know Towaha Better

What made me special

Towaha is balanced

For a project or a simple job, Towaha is totally professional. He prioritizes his time and is well-rounded in many areas.

Towaha is confident
Towaha is super confident about what he knows and what he does. Without not thinking, he never writes a single line of code.
Towaha is courageous
Towaha is always ready to take any challanges. He believes if anyone can do this, then he is the man!
Towaha is detail-oriented
Towaha keeps tracks of all his steps for any project, so that any kind of progress can be seen easily. He belives in detail orientation.
Towaha is Committed and faithful
Towaha says what he means, and means what he says. He follows through with his word even with people who don’t follow through with theirs. He’s loyal in relationship. The truth can hurt, but it’s also the beginning of the healing process. A good guy understands honesty might be tough up front, but the impact is far less than the outcome of long running white lies.
Towaha is team player
Towaha understands the team’s success is his success and cares more about the team winning than his own ego.
Towaha is team player
Towaha understands the team’s success is his success, and cares more about the team winning than his own ego.

My Skills and Languages

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