Syed Omar Faruk Towaha


I am Syed Omar Faruk Towaha. Currently I am working as the Chief Technology Officer at HEXit, a top notch tech startup company in Sylhet. My responsibilities as the CTO at HEXit are leading all the groups and teams of the company, planning annual budgets for the company, grooming the employees, helping with any technical difficulties, deal with large scaled projects, conduct a different kind of clients. I personally help the iOS and Android Group. I was the Director of SwapnoBangla IT for almost 1.5 years, a software development focused IT firm. In this role, I lead the company’s software engineers, web developers, designers, and content developers and managing the annual spend. Our most exciting work to date was creating a social media and online advertising campaign that generated enormous media buzz. Not only did we have fun creating that campaign, but also we found it rewarding to see the results. We have built a number of web applications, eCommerce websites, Android and iOS applications and personal websites in last one year. Before joining SwapnoBangla IT, I worked as a freelancer and remote engineer. I worked with a number of famous companies too, like Wix, Foxit Inc, JetBlue, NetApp etc. I’m truly passionate about my work and always eager to connect with other marketers. While I enjoy all aspects of my job, I think my favourite stage of a project is working with software development. I have a B.Sc. in Physics and another B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from ShahjalalUniversity of Science and Technology. Besides I am a published author of several tech books published from different countries. I am a Mozilla Representative and I am an open source enthusiast. I was selected for the internship at Google in 2016 as a JavaScript Engineer in San Francisco. I worked with Apple as Technical Support Agent from 2014-2015. I am a self-motivated fast learner and I know my limits. I really don't like to quit, I just keep working until it is done. Yes, I do mistakes a lot but what I believe is 'try and error 'method always works. Here are few highlights from last few years of my life.

2017: In this year, I, along with my friends, founded an IT company named HEXit in my town and I am currently working as the Chief Technology Officer at HEXit. My another publication from PacktPub was published named Learning C for Arduino [Amazon], [PacktPub Site]. I have been working with designing world cheapest laptop for one time use with Shenzhen Gooky Technology Co. Ltd. I am working with Omnica as a Medical Hardware Design Advisor.A RUST Language Video Series from PackPub published on the last month of this year.

2016 : This year started with lots of things. My book JavaScript Project for Kids was published from PacktPub which is available online [Amazon] , [PacktPub Site]. I have joined SwapnoBangla Group as a software engineer . I have become Regional Ambassador Lead of FSA in Asia. I became IEEE member in this year.I was selected as Google intern at San Fransisco as JavaScript Engineer.

2015 : I became the president of one of the largest astronomical organizations in Bangladesh, CAM-SUST I along with some cool executive members have started to spread astronomy throughout our city . I bacame a Mozilla representative. I started to arrange open source events as a Mozilla representative. I started to work remotely with Wix as Web Application Developer.

2014: I was awarded with some prestigious awards from different countries and different organisations. I managed to develop and start my new passion with astronomy and connection building with lots of pioneers around the world. I joined Apple as remote Technical Support Agent.

2013: Returning Bangladesh I started Share Marketing and my luck favoured. I invested in few companies and started building some electronics prototypes and designing some models that are now being used worldwide.

2012: I started my another graduation program from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Computer Science and Engineering in 2012. I started writing books for several publications.

2011: I started doing some businesses with the local stock market and share markets in this year. I invested a lot in a startup but the outcome was absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, I started my graduation program at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Physics.

2010: I took freelancing as my main source of income in 2010. I started working remotely with Foiwe as tech remote consultant. I also started getting rewards for some extra ordinary social work.

2009: I worked as a Java Developer and System Designer at a Japan based company. I designed few algorithms for a company based in Taiwan. I worked as a volunteer with UNV at the end of the year. I later had to move to the UK for some technical reasons.

2008: I started working as a journalist at UNICEF remotely. I started writing to The Daily Star as a column writer and later I started to write famous columns with a pseudo name. I wrote about 15 articles and columns with the name. At the end of the year, I started working as a freelancer.

2007: I founded a cultural organisation named Charulipi. I taught drawing and other Bengali cultural activities there. I formed a voluntary organisation at my school named MAP (Matures of an Angelic Planet) who helped poor people and arranged lots of cultural and educational events.

2005: Returned Bangladesh and started working with some ding dongs.

Syed Omar Faruk Towaha

Name : Syed Omar Faruk Towaha
Phone : +1 306 500 1142
Email :
Address : Sylhet, Bangladesh
Skype : SOFTowaha
Github : SOFTowaha
LinkedIn : SOFTowaha

My recent Works

Recently I am devloping few products for my company and also for few other companies I work in. Here are my recent writings which I authored. I do not wish to publish any company project here for some confidential issues. Click on any of the image and follow the link to view of read or buy the content. You can find some of my open source projects on my GitHub.

What I Do

I like to do a number of things. From calculating tiny particle's charge to controlling a supercomputer. I do not have any speciality as I do anything I like and my choice changes day to day. But there are few type of things I always been doing for last one decay so I guess these are my specialities.

  • I Programming

    I code in lots of languages, from assembly language to the smartest language. I write code from passion. If I like the problem, I develop the algorithm for it and code for it. You can not make me code unless I don't like the problem or the problem is challenging. I love to solve programming problems too. My ways of coding or thinking is slightly different from others. You are welcome to hit me up with any programming related thoughts or problems. If I am free and like your thoughts I will definately reply you.

  • I Author Books and Blogs

    Over the last 5 years I have been writing on various types of things. From electronics to programming I write. I whave written a number of books on programming languages, microcontrollers, circuits, algorithms, new technologies etc. You can find my works in Amazon or eBay. I have written a number of blogs on programming too. I like new technologies. If you come across to any new thing you would like to learn and want me to write easily for you you can ping me. I would love to learn that and write. I write things when I'm free and I never write if I'm forced. To me writing is just a flow of river, no one can control it. It will come automatically.

  • I develop software

    Yes, I do develope software for living. I design a system and develop software for it. I have worked with medical systems, stock management systems, banking system, robotics and lots of other new technologies. I develop software as per the problem arises and I solve it by the developing the software. A good number of famous companies are currently using my software. I have been always overwhelmed when I see a creation of mine is being loved and utilized in daily basis.

  • I design products

    I design products. I also set criterias for the marketing of the product and goal of sell. I have developed the product ideas of a number of tech products related to medical and computer hardware. I can choose the target users and find out the best possible business model for the targeted people. I design both the hardware and software of a product. I lead team if the product is big. I am always ready to work with something new that no one has ever thought of.

  • I solve problems

    When I am free (rare case lol), I like to solve problems. Any type of problems! From politics to education or any funny ideas. I find an instant solution to any kind of problem. When you feel something is messy in your ways or you want to solve any kind of problem you can mail me with details. I'm I like the problem and feel the importance of solving I'll surely email you back. I have a list of fields where I like to work. But you can send me any type of problems. I would love to read them.

  • I learn Languages

    Other than programming languages, I love to learn human languages too. I learned a good number of human languages. Currently I am learning Spanish. If you speak Spanish, you can hit me up to have a good conversation about anything :)

Where I have worked

I am not an office type guy. But I am profesional in my own ways. Over the last few years I have worked a number of companies remotely or physically. Few of my recent works are enlisted here.

  • 2007 - Present

    Chief Technology Officer


    As the CTO of a startup I need to do a lot of things including leading all the groups and teams of the company, planning annual budgets for the company, grooming the employees, helping with any technical difficulties, deal with large scaled projects, conduct a different kind of clients.

  • 2016 - 2017


    SwapnoBangla IT

    It was another tech startup where I worked as the director of IT doing my duties as leading the team and also working as the software engineer with the rest of the team. I worked with Android and web while I was in SwapnoBangla IT. I aslo had to take care of the yearly budget of the firm.

  • 2016 - 2016

    Software Engineer (Intern)

    SwapnoBangla Group

    I did my internship as a software engineer here. I used to make computer software for clients. I also worked as a marketing guy here with the marketing team for few days.

  • 2010 - 2017


    A number of companies

    I have worked a number of companies like Wix, JetBlue, NetApp as a remote engineer or a freelancer. I also worked at Apple as Technical Support Agent.

What I know

Well, the list is little bit big because I spent more than a decay and still learning things related to tech and other things. To be honest I am selft taught and I am a super fast learner. I read a lot and I code a lot; If you are looking for specefic language or software usages as a skill in this section then you can not find them here. I have a list of them which you can find on my resume that is downloadable in this website.

Content Development
Team Leading
Electronic Component Design and Development
Web Development
Mobile Applications Development
PC Software Development
Graphics Design
Motivatting People
Creative Writing
Problem Solving
Product Planning and Development
iDea Development

Where I Studied

I have some academic degrees of which I am not much proud of. But I guess I can mention them here.

  • 2011-2017

    Theoretical Physics

    Shahjalal University of Scinece and Technology

    Once upon a time I loved physics a lot and wished to do something great in this field but till now I have not created something out of the box in Physics. I am still thinking about it, I think I can do something great on this subject as I have spent a good time for this degree.

  • 2012 - 2017

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Shahjalal University of Scinece and Technology

    To be honest, academic computer science failed to teach me something new or something interesting. All the boring old things were taught in pursuing this degree. But I liked it for some reasons as it made me interested in a field which I'm thinking to move.

  • 2009 - 2011

    Higher Secondary Certificate or A Level

    MC College, Sylhet

    I spent wonderful two years of time in this college for getting this degree. I learned a number of things from this institute. The main reason I liked this institute because I was given enough time to spend for myself and learn things by myself.

  • 2007 - 2009

    School Seconday Certificate or O Level

    The Aided High School

    I changed few schools before moving to this school. I liked this school becase it gave me enough personal time and the freedom to do something new and supports to create things out of the box. I earned the degree from this school as the first in merit in this graduation year.


Don't be shy to send me messages; You can ask me anything and if I get time I will reply you. Please note that this message goes to my manager first and she forwards them to me. Don't worry, she is great. Just tell her I said hi :)